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Diploma of Business

Diploma of Business

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Certificate IV in Screen and Media

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Provide First Aid

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It’s a fact that everyone will have two, three, four or even more careers in their life. I started my first career in the West Australian Football League, spending the 1979 season with South Fremantle. It exploded and I went on to become an AFL Superstar within months. I had attitude, and I had determination - but most of all, I had training. Without training you can’t achieve zit!

My other careers in film, television, as a recording artist and author proved equally successful. I put it down to training and attitude and determination.

These days, my passion is about making sure that all communities have the opportunity to succeed in what ever they want to do. Our indigenous brothers and sisters, our school leavers and our mates that have lost their jobs because of globalisation should have access to quality training or re-training so that they can get back on the band-wagon and make a wage to support their families and their communities. I reckon that Training Deals Australia is best fair-dinkum way to find the best training providers at the best price.
Mark "Jacko' Jackson

Mark "Jacko' Jackson

Football Legend

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